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About Me

Hello world

Hi everyone, I’m Tiago Cardoso, an IT Analyst and Team Leader, impassioned by knowledge sharing and coaching-related discussions.

My Work

I’m working at GFT, as an international provider of IT solutions and services, since 2007. There, I’m part of the Brazilian mentoring board, focused on empowering and guiding our junior level members on their career thinking towards a work/life balance. I’m also part of some other internal groups devoted to improve several aspects of our company, like communication, social welfare and landing process.

My Career

During most of my career, I’ve been a  Technical Support Lead, as we have a considerable load of maintenance projects. My main skills are based on communication and leadership, dealing with both IT vendors and end users. Instead of thinking of IT as an end on itself, I concentrate my energy on understanding the users needs to provide a better service experience. I believe everyone needs to search constantly for excellence on the day to day, not only as a company mantra but as a personal life objective.

The LessonsIT blog

The idea of this blog came from some past experiences that taught me several lessons; I’d consider a failure a bad thing only if I haven’t learned anything with it… So, most of the thoughts I`ll share here will be basically based on failures. There will be a few cases that these failures won`t be caused directly by me, but failures I noticed around with some peers.

Passions and Hobbies

As most of IT related people, I’m a big fan of games. From the old-fashioned chess to the latest Assassin’s Creed game. I played a MMORPG called Lineage2 for several years, leading a guild of up to 100 players. It was thrilling and exciting (eventually we’ll have blog entries about the lessons I learned playing) but when my son was born in 2010, I decided that was time to grow up and be a father.

Talking about my son (called Pedro Henrique), he and my wife (Graziela) are my greatest passions. I can’t express how important they are to me. THIS post from Jeff Atwood is one of the best explanations about parenthood I’ve ever seen, by the way.

I am also a book lover, thanks to my grandfathers. In my opinion, reading is the most pleasant way to learn something new, regardless  if it’s a novel or a technical book. HERE is my profile at Skoob, a very good book reader’s network site.

For water cooler time, besides the mentoring / coaching discussions, I also like to talk about politics. I believe the world we live in (good or bad) is like this because of us; understanding politics (and being interested in discussing it) is the first step for a better place to live.

My Internet Profile(s)

You can find me on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. My Twitter account is basically used to get in touch about politics. I’m also on Google Plus, although I believe most of the social networking is nowadays around Facebook.

I’m also part of other communities, like StackOverflow, Khan Academy and Skoob.

I’m looking forward for an opportunity to meet you, have a coffee and chat about any of the above!

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