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Saying NO

Women Saying No!

Optimism, eager to help, over self confidence… you name it. There are plenty of reasons why people avoid as much as possible saying no. There is a very good side to it, but I’m afraid to say that the “dark side of the YES force” quite strong is, young Padawan. It may be a cultural […]

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Effective Communication

Effective communication is one of the greatest challenges every leader faces daily. Here are some suggestions to avoid silly mistakes that may lead to big issues. Things are going fine, project is on track, reports are just fine and dandy. Communication is smooth and the reporting chain is not even noticed as something that could […]

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Avoid being over – working out the balance

The searching for the balance is a constant. The work / life balance is the most common. There are other balances that must be worked out, too. I don’t want to overrate this topic, but I consider it important to remember that, when talking about projects (and in several other areas of our lives), it’s […]

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Tips when joining a new project

Joining a new project is always an exciting and thrilling event. However, to take the best of it and avoid common caveats, some tips could be highlighted to hit the ground running. As a background, you’ll notice that some tips will fit into an environment where you’ll change to a new project from time to […]

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Bad estimates are amongst the top reasons for a project failure. Here are some insights to avoid fall into this pit. There are several reasons for having a project failure. But, besides some problems emerging as the project goes by, project delays can be identified straight away on day two. So, why do project delays […]

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