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Leadership lessons I learned with my son

Leadership and parenting seems to be more related than I could ever thought before having my first kid. Here goes some insights on it.

My first son is now around 3 years old. He’s amazing. Being father is amazing. Right now he’s watching Mickey while hugging my head. It’s an awesome feeling. But this post is not about my relationship with him. It’s also not about the moments we’re having fun, either. Most of the lessons he thought me were under complex and (in some cases) stressful situations.

Teach by example

Everyone wants to have awesome kids. But no one told me that, to have an awesome kid, you need to be an awesome father. It means you need to follow the rules, otherwise he won’t respect you and won’t understand why he’d follow them if you don’t. Be the example, and even if it’s painful, boring or tiring, remember you’re doing it not only for you, but for him too. But, to teach by example, you’ll need to


Be patient

Everything is new. The energy is so awesome that it’s hard to follow the rhythm. The example won’t work at the first time. Take it for granted. It might not work on the second, third or fourth time, either. You don’t know. Everyone has its own pace. You need to be patient and repeat the same lesson over and over. The joy of noticing that the lesson has been learned and that the first steps are coming, is breathtaking. However, always bear in mind that

Everyone is unique

Avoid comparisons. There are so many parameters to compare that you’ll risk missing some, always having only a subset of comparison parameters. Best case scenario, you’ll only remember the highlights of your kid. Worst case, you’ll only see where he needs to improve. Either way, avoid comparisons. Either way, regardless of what each kid does, remember to

Keep the boundaries, giving responsibilities

Playing around is funny. But the house needs to keep organized. Funny moments go along with duties, so once the day is over, the organization must be kept. If you don’t give responsibilities to keep things organized, he’ll always think he can just having fun and you’ll be organizing thing / doing the boring stuff later on for him. That’s not healthy for any of you. And if he does not follow the rules, you must be strong and

Be honest and objective

If he did something wrong, explicitly mentions this. He may not accept this quite well, but it’s a jagged little pil. But remember that you’re responsible for him, so anything he does wrong is also your fault.

And you, have you ever learned something about leadership in unexpected moments?

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