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Performance Appraisal: Has it evolved?

The study around performance appraisal started along with the Industrial Era, when Taylor was concerned about how much one could produce every day. Are we still working that way? Are we still being evaluated that way?

At that time, professionals working on a production line had a very veeery specific job to do (who never saw Chaplin?) so it was fairly straightforward to see who was performing better or worse.

Nowadays, over than a century after the industrial boom, one of the main challenges in managing a project is to deal with all uncertainty. I bet there’s no single project 100% equals another, although some might be very similar at some extension. As projects are not the same, roles and duties are even more project-specific than ever. That’s great, as it demands a lot of cross knowledge and creativity from all people involved. Boredom on the XXI century is nothing compared to screw all day long like our grandparents were used to.

Photo from Thorsten Bonsch. More from the author @ https://flic.kr/p/e5yE39

Image: Thorsten Bonsch, Flikr.

However, is important to reflect: does the performance appraisal process(es), as we know, followed the same evolution, or are we still comparing the mechanic who can screw more screws per minute?

If your answer is “Yes, we did it!” please drop me a personal note, I’m really interested in a friendly coffee at any time. 🙂

If the answer is no, however, is on us – mechanics of the future – to be critical and understand what’s happening. Is also from us that probably the new and creative ideas are likely to emerge, since not like in the past, we are the ones with more knowledge in our areas of expertise – regardless of the area we work with.

What’s your suggestion? What would you improve in your current evaluation method?

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