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As the time (and projects) goes by, we get in touch with some really useful tools and gadgets that really worth to mention; most of them are free, but there may be some paid that still worth to have a look at.


Toggl  ** – Time tracking tool; very interesting to see where’s your time being allocated.

Notepad++ – A must have for anyone in IT. It’s so basic and offers so much that doesn’t worth to mention here how many benefits it offers.

Humanized Enzo – The idea beneath this tool is very interesting: empower the keyboard, changing the way some actions are done.

Toodledo – A fancy ToDo list

Code versioning

Commit Monitor – Integrated with SVN, this tool alerts when a new commit is done on the repository.

Beyond Compare * – Forget SVN merge, WinMerge or anything else for code comparing / merging. Hands down, Beyond Compare is just amazing.

Chrome gadgets

(This session subtly adds Google Chrome as a must have gadget for all his tools and extensions)

World Time Buddy – Easily shows the same time in different locations around the globe. This functionality is now native on Win7 and Win8, so we don’t need a specific tool for this.

XMarks – Bookmark sync. Perfect to keep several Chromes with the same bookmarks. This functionality is now native on Chrome.

Amazon Wish List – Links anything you like with your Amazon Wish List.

Goo.gl URL shortener – Easily shorts your URLs.

Bubble Translate – Good translator that offers some key combinations to check translations.

Chrome to Phone – Sends to your mobile the link for the currently opened page in Chrome.

Rapportive – Gadget integrated with gmail to show further contact details.

Send to Google Maps – Integrate into the right click the ‘Send to Google Maps’ functionality.


* Paid Software

** Basic version free, offering also a more complete paid version

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